France First to Hit the Euro 2016 Bracket

Published on 15-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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France First to Hit the Euro 2016 Bracket

The hosts are in it to win it.

And they've already claimed Euro 2016's Group A, moving to the next stage of competition.

Quelle surprise!

What else should we expect when they're 'drawn' into a group that's softer than whatever the hell it is blue bears rub on their butts?

France took on a completely different Albania side but ultimately broke them down, 2-0, in a result as predictable as le soleil rising in the East.

The only hitch was they still almost blew it, needing two after-90 goals to seal the deal.

Look at this group:

Euro 2016 Group A

The entire Republican primary field wasn't that weak, for chrissakes!

It's good when these hosts are enjoying the game, though, and Les Bleus are celebrating right now.

Albania -- whose main export is frogs' legs to the French -- stayed rock solid for almost the entire game until Antoine Griezmann stepped up in the 90th minute to make the predestined destined:

Well, he did much there. Atlético Madrid’s star is now France’s star, too.

That plucky Shqiponjat -- Albanian for Eagles, dudes and dudettes -- defense got rocked by another Gallic sensation, Dimitri Payet, as he wrapped up the game in style six minutes later:

There was only one place that ball was going to end up when he hit that.

Next stop for Payet and crew?

Real opponents.

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