Euro 2016 Wash Out: Dam Bursts on the Dutch

Published on 15-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Euro 2016 Wash Out: Dam Bursts on the Dutch

Who would've predicted this two summers ago?

The team that held a No 4 ranking after the 2014 World Cup finished fourth in Euro 2016's Group A after the Czech Republic defeated them, 2-3, with one man less.

Whether it's the absence of Luis van Gaal or the presence of Memphis Depay that jinxed the Oranje, no one knows.

However, Iceland does say thank you.

Euro 2016 Group A

Adding another dash of salt to the Netherlands' festering wound, rising star Pavel KadeĊ™ábek sniped a short-sider that accounted for virtually no margin for error:

When you're hot, you're hot. When you're Holland, you're just snakebit.

That was just an appetizer though. The main dish soon followed, complements of career hod-carrier Josef Šural:

That old on any given day bromide just had to be that day as far as the Dutch are concerned.

As if getting scored upon by a face in the crowd wasn't enough, Holland then got scored upon by themselves:

On the bright side, Robin van Persie is regaining his touch for twine.

Pogo and van Persie

The Netherlands got one goal back due in part to the height of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

At least some players know which goal is theirs.

Duly oriented, van Persie made the scoresheet again, this time on the right end of the field:

So, somebody from Holland broke even on the evening.

Can't say the same for Dutch travel agents next summer, though.

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