Colombia Takes Copa Opener by Blanking the Yanks

Published on 4-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Colombia Takes Copa Opener by Blanking the Yanks

All things considered, the alphabet soup that is the USMNT could've fared worse.

At least they showed they weren't Copa América pod fodder.

After all, Colombia is ranked No 3 in FIFA's order of merit. Dudes set a high bar.

Their quality quickly showed in Santa Clara for the 100th edition's opener, and while the Americans never recovered, they had their moments:

For the record, Team USA is ranked No 31.

But dudes have spirit. Yes they do ...

Jones also had a valid point; namely, his crew is what they thought they were:

I think that we have to be more focused on us, play with that what we have ... Today was more focused on Colombia.

Putting it mildly, that tactic essentially ceded the midfield to Colombia. No wonder Jones was frustrated.

Still, the pod's other pair didn't exactly distinguish themselves in Orlando, wandering through a 0-0 draw.

Something like that.

Acutally, a lot like that:

So, it'll be huge at Soldier Field in Chicago on Tue 7 Jun when Costa Rica and the USA clash.

Of course, now Kendall Waston won't be there. If that red-card tackle was any indication, he's probably on his way to a tryout with the Oakland Raiders.