Chile Grab a Spot in the Copa's Semis

Published on 25-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Chile Grab a Spot in the Copa's Semis

Well, there are ways to win, and there are ways.

Who knew non-'keeping hands would figure so prominently in such an important match?

But there they were, front and center -- sorta -- as Chile slapped away the heavyweights from Uruguay, 1-0, to reach the Copa América semi-finals.

Chile is looking to win the Copa América that they are hosting this year and they look worthy. So why take gamesmanship to a new low?

Who knew that Gonzalo Jara was gonna give free prostate exams during this match?

Uruguay was missing its star striker, Luis Suárez, and Jara's fakery after Edinson gnat-swat, now its second best striker is gone, too.


Daffy Duck

Chile took full advantage of the referee's obliviousness -- it's really and truly time for replay in football for stuff like this -- and finally scored the goal to dust Uruguay off:

The back of the net wasn't the only back that had been punished by then.

Uruguay had good reason to be butt-hurt:

The irony, of course, is this is the side that usually stops at nothing, itself, when it comes to physicality.

While it was too late for Uruguay, at least Jara has been called into account for his cheap-ass actions. Pun intended.

Jara suspended

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