Chelsea's Title Laurel Not So Hardy

Published on 24-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea's Title Laurel Not So Hardy

Seems like the wreath adorning the Premiership champion's figurative head has grown a few brambles.

In a friendly against the New York Red Bulls, Chelsea were humiliated, 4-2.

Chelsea may won the league convincingly last season, so perhaps they feel there's nothing to defend until August. Then again, maybe they took the Bulls for granted and got the horns. It's been known to happen.

Chelsea’s Loïc Rémy brought Blue sunshine to the Red Bulls' New Jersey stadium when he tallied the opener:

Falcao has some legit completion to beat out at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea’s defense then went mondo bizarro.

That is not something you see from Chelsea every day, and woe be unto the transgressors when José Mourinho calls the next practice.

Then came the usual hero for Chelsea, Eden Hazard:

And that's almost always the usual output when he drives his right foot.

Any chance of a Chelsea comeback was eliminated with this Sean Davis strike:

Looks like Chelsea's defenders are all about hitting the open man, no matter who it is.