Chelsea's Still the Premiership's Daddy

Published on 28-May-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea's Still the Premiership's Daddy

After their humiliating defeat by the Baggies, Chelsea reclaimed their honor with a 3-1 romp over Sunderland on the weekend.

The Black Cats weren't all that fussed, as their place in the top flight was already secured.

Of course, it also didn't matter if Chelsea lost this match, but the paying public still wants to see quality, and this time, the Blues delivered.

Sunderland did, too, at the outset:

That was basically the highlight of Adam Johnson's day. Afterwards, not so much. Could be a long summer.

But back to the action. Chelsea's good at that, even when they add a bit of tribute to Didier Drogba's being substituted:

Sure, it's French pastry, but it's the thought that counts.

His second, Diego Costa, may be troubled with injuries, but he has no trouble taking up penalties:

And now we know why.

The Blues' comeback was on the cards, and Loïc Rémy dealt it right:

The 'keeper definitely needs work on his right side.

It was Rémy again who signed off the Blues season with a well-timed run into space:

And that's how the Premiership closed out.