Chelsea Looks Like Leaders Again

Published on 15-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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Chelsea Looks Like Leaders Again

After their misery against the Magpies, Chelsea has returned to its winning ways.

The Blues of Chelsea hosted Hull and answered the doubts that had begun to swirl around them since that failure in Newcastle. The match may not have been the eye-catcher of the week, but it did present many noticeable moments.

The side's backbone, Eden Hazard, showed his true colors as he got the show on the road early:

José Mourinho believes diving is a crime, but two of his own got booked for it. Not a phony, but that’s just Mourinho for you.

The best hope for Hull City in this match was always a draw, but that went up in smoke by the devastating Diego Costa.

Given that the Tigers were reduced to a ten-man squad, Chelsea could and should have scored a bit more.

For a club that was reaching for invincibility, the 2-0 result against low-profile Hull City indicates they're still under construction. Fortunately, they've got a bigger budget than this crew: