Chelsea Leave It Late but Actually Win One

Published on 5-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea Leave It Late but Actually Win One

The wayward Premiership champions scratched out a crucial Champions League victory to remain in the hunt for a bracket position.

The struggling Mourinho men poached a goal in the 83rd minute to emerge with a harrowing 2-1 decision over Dynamo Kyiv.

Who would've imagined this state of affairs a season ago? Then, thiis pairing would've been akin to Mike Tyson taking on a 12-year-old kid, but somewhere between now and then, José Mourinho seems to have misplaced his coaching skills.

Chelsea’s fortunes seemed to have returned as the Ukrainians awarded them an own goal:

Even strikers don’t head a ball as good as that.

But all that was redeemed in the 77th minute as Aleksandar Dragović scored in the right net this time around, and Динамо Київ was even:

Must've been Deflection Day at Stamford Bridge.

Then Chelsea seemed to recall what had been a winning formula for them in seasons past, ie- winning a late free kick around the penalty area.

Willian did the honors:

The new Chelsea savior could well be here, and his name isn't Eden Hazard.

Champions League Group G standings 4 Nov 15

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