Champions League Reality Hits Red Devils

Published on 16-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Champions League Reality Hits Red Devils

After fighting hard to get back to the Champions level, Manchester United found out that the hard bit hadn't even begun.

The Red Devils were surprised in Holland by a 2-1 setback, complements of PSV Eindhoven.

United were assumed to be in an 'easy' group when the draw happened. So much for perception. As usual. It seems no matter what the sport, media, punters, and fans never learn.

It started oh-so-brightly for the home team as Memphis Depay returned to haunt his childhood club.

Nimble and nifty. One would've thought PSV would been ready for those moves.

And yet, one would've really thought that United would've been more ready for the caliber of play in this competition.

Priority No 1 should be the state of their defense. Hector Moreno thought it was quite accommodating.

Make way for your friends, not your enemy.

United players look very professional at ceding space:

So, zero points and Luke Shaw lost for around six months with a broken leg. Tough league. Like it's always been. And United, of all clubs, should've known that.