Brazil Go Top, Even without Neymar

Published on 22-Jun-2015 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Update

No need.

After a humbling loss to Colombia, Brazil has regained its form, winning 2-1 against Venezuela to go atop Group C.

That's where everyone expected them to be all along.

The Canarinho did it without their captain, Neymar, for his un-captainlike actions in the previous match:

May be the captaincy came a bit too soon. Can't be acting like a five-year-old.

Still, Brazil had more firepower than they needed, despite the slim result. Plays like this were there all day:

Most players fake a shot but Thiago Silva is different. He fakes headers.

It was Roberto Firmino to score his the goal that everyone was expecting to see:

Venezuela were not completely worthless:

There's only so much that a goalie can do.

But why the scorer decided to use his head, no one knows.

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