Belgium Schools the Italians

Published on 15-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Belgium Schools the Italians

Seems like the World's No 1-ranked team is number one, after all.

Italy -- world champs, once upon a time -- fell to football nouveau power, as Belgium laid a friendly 3-1 lesson on them.

Les Diables Rouges -- if you're a Walloon, that is; if you're Flemish, De Rode Duivels -- take these matches seriously, as the Italians now know.

The Azzurri thought they were in for a pleasant evening, as Antonio Candreva broke the Belgian defense early:

Someone gift those defenders an alarm clock, because it’s time to wake up.

And toss in a few to the Italian backs, as well, after this thrust capped by Jan Vertonghen:

At least one Belgian defender woke up.

Then something happened that would be as controversial as Diego Maradona's Hand of God moment if it had occurred in a major competition:

Even with replay, no one can tell whether or not that was intentional. It's merely in the books as another Kevin de Bruyne goal.

Belgium's coup de grace featured a few dance routines in front of the box, capped by Michy Batshuayi's finishing move:

The result was a standing ovation.

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