Bayern Munich Bulldozes Werder Bremen

Published on 12-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Bayern Munich Bulldozes Werder Bremen

The relentless juggernaut that is FC Bayern tore apart yet another Bundesliga opponent with methodical style.

This time, it was relegation-challenged Werder Bremen, who got kaa-rushed in massive fashion, 5-0.

Die Roten do it season after season, and this one's no different. Their league lead is beyond comfortable:

Bundesliga table leaders

Thiago Alcantara initiated this rampage, as Bayern displayed yet another reason why they're often called FC Hollywood in their homeland:

Then, the team's go-to sniper, Thomas Müller, provided a perfect finish to a wonderful show of teamwork for their second:

Dude knows how to score.

Whether the ball finds its way to Müller or he simply attracts it is a minor detail. What's imminent is a goal:

This guy is omnipresent.

The rampage seems a bit incomplete, though, if goal machine Robert Lewandowski doesn't take a bite of the cherry:

There's no way dude would miss a one-on-one chance.

Alcantara decided to play the role of bookend creator, and that was that.

Another drei Punkte go into the books, sorta like a direct deposit.