Barcelona Wins La Liga Championship

Published on 15-May-2016 by srijan213

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Barcelona Wins La Liga Championship

An intense season featuring the usual suspects has finally wrapped with good news for Catalans.

Barcelona were in a must-win situation against Granada -- granted, that's the sort of  ​must win teams ask Santa for -- and took care of business to claim La Liga's title with a 0-3 victory.

In so doing the Blaugrana squished Real Madrid’s faint hope of winning the league at the final turn.

And for those keeping track of such stats -- like his agent -- this was the eighth time Barça's bagged the big one in Lionel Messi's 12 seasons with the club.

Luis Süarez has only grown since joining Barça, and never has to be asked twice:

So, with no further askance required, dude proceeded to score twice:

Barça looked like FIFA 16 on auto-pilot.

Neymar gifted Süarez his hat trick as Barça scored the goal that put a coda on the season.

This attacking force is just unstoppable.

Sorta like their quest for the silverware.

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