Barça Victimized by the Most Dangerous Lead in Sports

Published on 14-Dec-2015 by srijan213

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Barça Victimized by the Most Dangerous Lead in Sports

Everyone's heard it.

The reason's obvious: teams with a two-goal lead tend to think their trois points are in the bag.

And no side is immune. Case in point: even with all the firepower at their disposal, Barcelona still couldn't find a way to win as Deportivo came back to draw a match, 2-2, that saw them erase just such a deficit.

Everything had gone according to plan for the Catalans at the outset.

Lionel Messi opened the Barça account in fitting fashion for a dude of his standing, giving every impression that this was going to be yet another stroll in the park:

He may not head the ball as well as Ronaldo, but free kicks are his thing now.

And if Messi’s salvo was a dipping missile, then Ivan Rakitić fired a heatseeker:

However, the sunny Mediterannean skies soon turned dark as Deportivo constructed its way to a comeback:

Whoa! Wasn't clusterball a thing when these dudes were five years old and playing three-a-side? Maybe the Barça defense was having a nostalgia attack.

The equalizer came soon after:

Damn. That one has blown it written all over it.

Full marks to Deportivo, and only one point for La Liga's former sole leaders.

La Liga standings 14 Dec 2015

Of course, Atlético is just fine with that.