Barça's Cruising in La Liga

Published on 26-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Barça's Cruising in La Liga

Barcelona hammered Elche 6-0 last Saturday in what was an utter mismatch for the La Liga rulers.

Barça are always loaded with goals and talent, both of which were on display in abundance against Elche.

Lionel Messi’s consistent performance is surely leading the entire side forward in great fashion. This was the third time this season these two clubs have faced each other, and during the span, Barça have netted 15 goals.

Gerrard Piqué marked his 20oth appearance with a bang ...

... and a bang it was.

This was just the opening salvo of the fury that Barça would unleash upon Elche. The first half ended as that, but the second half had much more in store.

Messi opened the party with a teaser.

Literally, a teaser.

Messi then put on his passing boots and slid an easy one to the Brazilian sensation, Neymar:

Messi and Neymar combined again to create a déjà vu effect just under two minutes later:

Capping his versatility, Messi put his shooting boots back on and served up his dancing feet with finishing garnishes.

It was a perfectly cooked goal by the master chef of football.

Good teams are ruthless, with the possible exception of Premiership big guns in domestic cups. The likes of Barça keep searching for more:

And all Elche is searching for is a schedule without Barcelona on it. Given their proximity to the relegation zone, they could be close to finding one.

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