Atlético Madrid Is In 'Same Old-Same' Old Mode

Published on 14-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Atlético Madrid Is In 'Same Old-Same' Old Mode

One would think that a contender nearing the finish line would hit the nitrous and go for the kill.

If so, one would not be thinking about Atlético Madrid. That crew seems to be happy in first gear.

Atlético look like they've mailed in their title challenge, as they drew 2-2 against Malaga. Maybe they're saving their best for their Champions League clash against Real Madrid.

Los Colchoneros’ Antoine Griezmann tapped an absolute gift in the early going:

Rule 1 in goalkeeping is if you decided to catch the ball, catch it. Rule 2 is always refer to Rule 1.

That dude’s got no career in cricket, for sure.

Fernando Torres has been scoring goals since his arrival at Atlético. But this header tweaked the wrong twine.

It would've been a clinical finish from the Spaniard if it wasn’t an own goal.

At least he finds the post these days, as opposed to ... well ...

Torres recently likened his time at Chelsea thusly:

It was like swimming with wet clothes on. Now I know how I am, and I'm fine. At the end, those doubts about your quality eventually disappear.

If only the video clips would.

Moving on, then ...

Los Colchoneros’ misery was further extended as Malaga took the lead with a fantastic chip. This would've looked good at The Masters:

Why are the dudes from Madrid scoring and assisting for Malaga? Torres must be happy that he'is not the only blunder blender in the mix.

Atlético did equalize in the end, thanks to Griezmann’s second of the game.

Could've ended a lot worse for Los Colchoneros, but they managed to level it.

However, the proverbial horses are outa the barn. Their title dreams are just dreams now, but their Champions League hope is still alive.

Yeah, right.