Arsenal Stunned by Olympiakos

Published on 1-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Stunned by Olympiakos

Frankly, given the English teams' recent performances among the elites, this one wasn't a shocker.

Arsenal were up against Olympiakos in what brand-blinded fans considered an easy clash, but how wrong they were! Arsenal were stunned, 2-3, on their own turf.

The Gunners got an early hint that it wasn't gonna be their day when they conceded a seeing-eye strike from Felipe Pardo in the 32nd minute:

For the moment, at least, that woke the hosts up, which included jumping all over this defensive lapse three minutes later that could well have been inspired by the Greek finance ministry:

That's how to time your run perfectly. Lesson provided by Professor Theo Walcott.

This mind-blowing stretch of goals and gaffes continued five minutes later when David Ospina staged his own incredibly inexplicable moment:

Wrong sort of football, dude. After further review, you would've been a hero in the NFL.

But the North Siders weren't gonna let charity rule the day. They came right back with this heady gem from Alexis Sánchez:

Now, that's a clear goal, and unlike Ospina's, no one's gonna feel like they should line up for the extra point.

It must've been Cluster Day at the Emirates, because one minute later ...

Never heard of Alfreð Finnbogason? Iceland has, and now so do the Gunners.

An 0-2 record is no way to begin their Champions League Group F campaign:

Champions League Group F