Arsenal Rules North London ... for Now

Published on 24-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Rules North London ... for Now

Arsenal v Chelsea may be a bitter rivalry these days, but Arsenal v Tottenham has been a fierce one always.

It's the turf war for North London that's been known to set 11.30am kickoffs to minimize the level of liquored up fans.

As if these factions need added stimulation to foment their maliciousness.

On this day, home turf was scorched, fueled by Gunner aggression, for which their 2-1 result belied their actual dominance.

Arsenal took control early, and it finally paid dividends when Mathieu Flamini found twine in the 26th minute:

Arsenal may have come at Spurs with both barrels all day, but sometimes they were less than judicious with their targeting:

At least Calum Chambers showed a great finish.

Clearly, this run of play needed a coup de grace for rather practical reasons. Trois points were at stake, so the Gunners decided to personnify that cannon on their crest.

With a shot like that, maybe Flamini should stick around a while longer.

In the end, it was double delight for Arsenal: bragging rights in the neighborhood and climbing up another rung on the ladder.

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