Arsenal Doles a Dose of Reality to the Foxes

Published on 29-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Doles a Dose of Reality to the Foxes

Leicester City's underdog run has finally come to a screeching halt.

The big guns of Arsenal put the Foxes back their Premiersip place, dashing their dreams with a 2-5 pounding.

That unfashionable footballing outpost in the East Midlands was the table's only remaining unbeaten side, but their status soon changed as Arsène Wenger's crew rained hell upon them.

The match didn't start that way. It looked as if Arsenal were due for a downer as Leicester's Jamie Vardy scored first:

Looks like Leicester is taking lessons from Real Madrid, because that was an awesome counter.

But then came The Flash’s descendent, Theo Walcott:

No one catches him. No one.

Alexis Sánchez put together the best season in Arsenal's storied history, but like most TV shows, the second was not good.

Maybe now, though, the script's been changed:

Dude put paid to his dry spell with the ball; now, he's taking one home.

However, Leicester weren't giving up that easily:


But Vardy's second strike of the day only served to make the London juggernauth mad:

All the Arsenal non-scorers were lighting it up, as if reminding Leicester where they really stood in the grand scheme of things.