Arsenal Are in It to Win It

Published on 17-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Are in It to Win It

Arsène Wenger must be reassured he made the right choice by staying in North London.

His Gunners are having a splendid start to the season, exemplified when they easily saw off Stoke City with a dominating 2-0 victory.

Their bombardment of the Potters was something we rarely see in a match: a total of 29 shots fired at the Stoke's Jack Butland. Maybe this is why they're called the Gunners, and definitely, this is why Butland was named man of the match.

The match literally started with a bang:

And Theo Walcott is a defender. Tells you right away about Arsenal's offensive intentions this season.

Walcott’s pace is not a secret:

When this level of speed is combined with finesse and control, Walcott can unleash hell on any team:

The Potters may be huge, but a negative side effect of that fact is they're not that quick.

And that's what allowed Arsenal to beat them at own game.

Not the next Thierry Henry, but as long as the goals keep coming, who cares?