Argentina Needs Shootout to Drop Colombia

Published on 28-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Argentina Needs Shootout to Drop Colombia

Copa América's best quarter-final clash was end-loaded.

Argentina defeated Colombia, 5-4, on penalties after a goalless ninety minutes.

Neither team was short of attacking talent by any means, but no one got a clear chance to put the ball in the back of the net. It wasn't the lack of offense, but the brilliance in the post. Both goalkeepers came out heroes in this one.

For example, David Ospina played Superman to deny both Messi and Suárez in this incredible flurry:

Maybe Manchester United should let David de Gea go and sign Ospina. Dude's fearless:

Proof yet again that Messi isn't always the man of the match.

Once the goalless draw got to the shootout -- there's no extra time in this tournament -- Argentina's Sergio Romero joined Ospina in defying the odds in defending the spot. A total of 14 penalties were struck, so five saves at this level is an achievement.

It's not often that a 0-0 scoreline is deserving of highlights, but this one is, including the shootout: