Argentina Dusts Passionless Uruguay

Published on 17-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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Argentina Dusts Passionless Uruguay

Sooner or later in what's already been an exhilirating Copa América, it was inevitable there'd be a clunker.

But who knew it would be a headliner?

In a highly anticipated clash, Argentina's disappointing 1-0 result over Uruguay wasn't exactly what everyone expected.

These were two heavyweights without haymakers. The absence of Luis Suárez was no excuse for Uruguay’s poor showcase, and Argentina was content to only do just enough to take advantage.

Lionel Messi may be The Man, but the dude who gave Argentina all three points was none other than Super Agüero:

Sure hope that broadcast analyst never gets lost in a library.

Agüero should open a coaching class and roll this video:

Too bad Suárez wasn't on the pitch. If not for a goal, then maybe he would've entertained the crowd with one or two bites.

The game needed his x-factor. Or something.