Volchenkovation: Canucks' Fans Stand and Applaud Marchand Destruction

Published on 12-Apr-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Volchenkovation: Canucks' Fans Stand and Applaud Marchand Destruction

Anton Volchenkov did this to Brad Marchand in the Wed 10 April tilt between the Devils and the Bruins.

On the other side of the continent, the city of Vancouver immediately began planning a statue to immortalize the momentous event.

Said a high-ranking official in City Council: "Prior to this, we had discussed erecting another tribute to Terry Fox or Rick Hansen ... Perhaps even the Green Men. But Mr Volchenkov -- God love him and his glorious, flailing elbow -- has pretty much ended any debate with his selfless act of heroism."

When informed that the repeat-offending Russian Devil was suspended for four paychecks, the official replied: "That's a riot!" and wandered off into Robson Street traffic holding a fire-extinguisher.           

Vancouver's enmity toward Marchand is about as surprising as an Ilya Bryzgalov snooze. The diminutive Bruins' agitator first became a lightning rod in the Canadian NHL hotbed during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals when he tunnelled Daniel Sedin in Game 4. The hate boiled over for Game 6; in an image that defined Boston's woodshed work in the series, he again victimized the unfortunate Sedin, mistaking his head for a prowler breaking into his bedroom. The final straw for Canuck fans arrived when, in the epic 2012 'revenge' match-up, he repeated his role as submarine commander with defenceless D-man and noted Brittle Bone Disease-sufferer, Sami Salo.  

Now, the harm karma of the hockey gods has come full circle. No doubt, the statue of Volchenkov's destruction will provide a potent reminder of poetic puck justice for fan generations to come.

Generations, like said statue, built on eternal grudges.