Visual Proof Toronto Chose the Right Interim Coach

Published on 10-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Visual Proof Toronto Chose the Right Interim Coach

Randy Carlyle was dumped by the Toronto Maple Leafs because, among other things, he wasn't relating to his players.

And the über-credible voice of Brendan Shanahan tells that crew they're being watched.

The hunt for Carlyle's successor is ramping up, so who would Toronto select to guide this traveling circus until then.

Obviously, someone who could relate. And that led to Peter Horachek, who's got the gig for the rest of this season.

His most apt quote to date:

I feel there's definite buy-in ...

Maybe because the players know he understands Leafness.

Dude could be on to something. The Blue Jackets came into this game hot, so Toronto actually rang up a quality win:

Gabba gabba hey, Phil. You're right. They accept you. They accept you. You're one of them.