The Shot Dude: Special K

Published on 14-Dec-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Special K

Your favorite Shot Dude's normal routine includes writing this article over breakfast.

What's on the menu today?

Special K, my favorite breakfast cereal.

You can call it coincidence, but all the players listed in today's write-up have last names that just happened to start with the letter K

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The five-game NHL schedule can easily be viewed on our Home page by using the Bovada data tool, where you can find useful details like this:

Kings v Senators


Chris KunitzPittsburgh ($6600) ... had some people worried after his first 23 games this season. Dude only produced three goals with no assists on 51 shots, but he's certainly picked it up in his last five games, taking seven shots, scoring once and adding seven assists. Not only has Kunitz been promoted to the Penguins' top scoring and power play lines, but he's spending every minute on the ice with Sidney Crosby, which has proven to help with anyone's scoring woes.

Nikita KucherovTampa Bay ($6400) ... has taken the most shots on goal for the Lightning, with 77 over 30 games this season. His last 13 shots have resulted in five goals in the last four games alone. Kucherov looks to continue his recent burst of scoring against another K, who might just be worth stacking against. Joonas Korpisalo will make his NHL debut for Columbus tonight; dude went 5-4-2 with a goals against average of 2.12 in the AHL prior to his promotion.

Evgeny KuznetsovWashington ($5800) ... has been the rock-steady role player every NHL team should have. He's produced nine goals on 58 shots and added 19 assists to lead the Capitals with 28 total points in 28 games. Two of Kuznetsov's goals have come in overtime and three have been game winners, including yesterday's to defeat Tampa Bay. Tonight's game against Pittsburgh should be a great game to watch.


Erik KarlssonOttawa ($9000) ... currently ranks sixth in the entire NHL with 32 total points in the 30 games he's played. His price is steep, but the scoring potential your lineup sees is worth it. Dude's matchup-proof and averages 27:35 of ice time per game, second in the league. Twelve of his points have come on the power play, and Karlsson has also spent 20 minutes in the penalty box, all positives in the FanDuel scoring system.

Tory KrugBoston ($6300) ... has averaged three shots per game over his last 10. He not only ranks second on the Bruins in shots on goal with 80 total in 28 games, he also logs serious ice time with just under 22 minutes on average per game. Tonight's matchup looks promising for Boston, as they skate home ice against Edmonton, which has surrendered 90 goals in 30 games.


Petr MrazekDetroit ($8700) ... at least has a K in his last name; it was the best I could do. Lately, dude's been described as fortunate by some observers. This is due to his success despite letting in more goals than winning netminders typically do. Mrazek has allowed 10 goals the last three games but still managed to win them all! He should benefit from his teammates' healthy scoring appetite again tonight, as Buffalo visits Joe Louis Arena.

Listen to your favorite Shot Dude and spice up that roster! Then, perhaps tomorrow's breakfast will come complete with a celebration over winning your fantasy games.

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