The Shot Dude: Simply the Best

Published on 7-Nov-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude: Simply the Best

Ever get a song stuck in your head and, like an unwanted house guest, it just won't leave?

That song for me is Simply the Best, by Tina Turner.

Dammit, Tina, would you get out of my head already?

However, I do need another hero. Six, even.

Your favorite shot dude is here to help you sift through today's massive 11-game schedule, the details of which you can view using the Bovada data tool on our Home page:

NHL schedule 7 nov 2015

Time to find simply the best players for your NHL fantasy lineup today. FanDuel pricing is included.


Alex Ovechkin, Capitals ($10,100) ... has a high price tag, so you'll have to find value elsewhere to fit him in, but the match-up is just too good. My Shot Dude-o-meter shows Ovie at the top with just under 5 shots per game, best in the league. His 53 shots have resulted in 14 points in just 11 games! Since Toronto has one of the worst penalty kill units on the planet, Ovie makes for an even strength/power play dual threat tonight.

Andrew Ladd, Jets ($7200) ... plays on a line I love tonight. Along with Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little, Ladd will be skating against the team giving up the most scoring chances in the league this season: the Philadelphia Flyers.

These three have scored a combined 16 goals on 104 shots. I'm picking Ladd tonight since he's been the best at taking the most shots on this line (39), and we all know that shots lead to good stuff.

Jason Zucker, Wild ($4800) ... is just the value guy you'll need to help you fit Ovechkin into your lineup. Zucker's been a mainstay on the Wild's second even-strength and power play lines.

With an injury to Zach Parise, Zucker has been moved to Minnesota's best line. His 40 shots ranks No 2 behind Parise for the team lead. He has a knack for scoring quickly to open games; it took just 10 seconds for Zucker to score against Winnipeg and 18 seconds for him to score against Chicago this year. He might just score another lightning fast goal again tonight versus Tampa Bay.


Brent Burns, Sharks ($7300) ... has been the best shooting blueliner this year. His 56 shots in 13 games have netted 4 goals. Add in his 6 helpers, and you see how all this back-end production has helped San José stay near the top of the Pacific Division. Burns will face a drained Anaheim team that played Columbus last night.

Ryan Ellis, Predators ($4400) ... will save your lineup money with upside, as he's the point man on Nashville's dangerous second power play unit. Ellis has taken 26 shots in 11 games and has scored a game winning goal for the Preds this year. Dude's helped lead them to the best home winning record so far in the Western Conference.


Mike Condon, Canadiens ($8300)...has the best winning percentage of any goalie in the NHL. Dude's won 5 of the 6 games he's started, and Montréal is currently enjoying the best record in the NHL at 12-2-1. Condon only allows an average of 1.50 goals per game and sports an exceptional .941 save percentage to boot. I see a Habs win over Boston in the official Shot Dude crystal ball.

Here's hoping your NHL fantasy lineup on Fan Duel is Simply the Best tonight, and as always you can't win if you don't give it your best shot!

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