The Shot Dude's Halloween Edition

Published on 31-Oct-2015 by MunkeBiz8

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The Shot Dude's Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!

I see you've come to my door with an empty DFS bag in hand.

Boo! However, I only have treats, there's no tricks with these picks.

Check out our Home page, and you'll see tonight's 10-game NHL slate includee s these games on the Bovada data tool:

NHL sked 31 Oct 15

What happens after all your trick or treating is finished? You have tired legs!

Today your favorite Shot Dude has only selected players against opposing teams with tired legs. It's tricky playing on back-to-back nights, so we'll take advantage. Get these players in your DFS lineups. The pricing after each player is their current salary on FanDuel.


Vladimir Tarasenko ($8200) ... Should dress as the Terminator. The man's a machine! He leads the entire NHL with 46 shots taken. St Louis is never blue when he's on the ice, as his 6 goals and 10 points indicate. Tarasenko is home against Minnesota. The Wild are tired from their battle with Chicago last night, so no doubt our 'Senko machine will carve them up!

Phil Kessel ($7900) ... should dress as the Flash. Speed kills, and Kessel has plenty of it. He's taken 35 shots in 10 games and gets to display his talents against a weary Toronto Maple Leafs team, with whom he's familiar. Too familiar. The Leafs are a paltry 1-6-2 after losing to the Rangers last night. I think Kessel flashes his skills with at least one goal tonight.

Nikolaj Ehlers ($3500) ... should dress as a Wal-Mart employee. He'll bring us great value tonight. At minimum salary, you get a 4 goal, 4 assists man who has taken 37 shots this season. It'll be Columbus paying full price when they try to keep up with Ehlers and the Winnipeg Jets. The exhasted Blue Jackets lost to Washington last night.


Aaron Ekblad ($5000)...should dress as a Secret Sevice Agent. He has been protecting the Florida goal very well all season. He is the point man on the Panthers top power play line and has taken 23 shots to date. He will have to slow down Washington to get a win tonight, but the Caps are fatigued after tangling with Columbus last night.

Andrej Sekera ($430 ... should dress as a Mountie. He's been providing protection for Edmonton all season. His shot total is average, at 17, but he's a member of the Oilers top power play line. Sekera will be on home ice playing Calgary who flamed out against Montréal last night.


Ben Bishop ($8500) ... should dress as a garbage collector. Bishop has been picking up everything in sight lately. He has a .913 save percentage and a 2.40 GAA on the year to date. The Boston Bruins have been left curbside for Bishop to dispose of. Boston is drained after their meeting with the Panthers last night. Watch as Bishop and the Lightning dump the Bruins.

As always, you can't score if you don't shoot!

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