Subban Brothers and Hospitals Have Been a Match This Year

Published on 11-Mar-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Subban Brothers and Hospitals Have Been a Match This Year

The first thing to know is that when a hockey player goes down and stays down, it's serious.

In spite of that, they're hockey players. Even serious is a relative term.

But trips to the hospital that start with a stretcher ride confirms that serious is, in fact, serious.

So when Montréal defenseman Darth Vader PK Subban found himself in a risky situation, it got serious:

Fortunately, his stay was brief, but he'll only be a spectator on Sat 12 Mar when the Minnesota Wild come to town.

Subban tweet

With the specter of what can happen with knees to the head or being driven head-first into the boards, this was still too close for comfort.

And PK was the lucky Subban.

On Sat 6 Feb, younger bro Malcolm took a puck to the larynx during warmups before the Bruins' AHL affiliate in Providence took on the Portland Pirates in Maine. He wound up in surgery and is out indefinitely.

As a goalie, he's not only a hockey player, he's a crazy hockey player. So he'll be back soon enough, doing what he can to enhance the family reputation.

Just as long as he keeps his neck guard on.