Sabres Are Highlight-Reel Hot

Published on 30-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Sabres Are Highlight-Reel Hot

It's tempting to say that whatever Ted Nolan did to light Latvia's fire, he's doing in Buffalo.

And in one sense, that's accurate.

The tiny Baltic country with a limited talent pool caused tense moments for the usual international powers because they had a goalie standing on his head. It's a common factor in streaks, and it's a key to the Sabres' recent run.

Jhonas Enroth is playing out of his mind.

He's had it in him for some time, like these saves from seasons past:

Buffalo seemed destined to be saved from 30th place in the overall standings by Edmonton and/or Columbus. To say the club started slowly would be an insult to glaciers. But the Sabres have now won five of their past six:

With solid support in their own end, offensive thrusts can be more carefree. None of the goals scored during this streak typifies that approach more than Tyler Ennis' circus act in Montréal on Friday night:

True, that wasn't Carey Price's most catlike moment, but give Ennis credit for making his own breaks.

Then there's the hustle aspect, typified by Chris Stewart the following evening:

The Sabres had been so buried, this flurry has only made their Atlantic Division doormat snuggle slightly closer to Ottawa, but there's still a six-point gap.

First place Tampa Bay is next up with another home-&-home. Slightly more challenging. Longer plane rides. Blitzkrieg attack. If Buffalo comes out of it with even two points, then maybe it's actually ready to join the 2014-2015 season instead of merely enduring it.

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