Kane's Broken Clavicle Has Blackhawks Pulling Wishbones

Published on 26-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Kane's Broken Clavicle Has Blackhawks Pulling Wishbones

Chicago has a legendary blues tradition, and for good reason.

The Cubs, White Sox, and post-1985 Bears have given its citizens ample opportunity to know woe and sorrow. Adding the post-Jordan Bulls to the mix stings even more now, what with Derrick Rose going down again.

Hell, even their Little League champions got caught cheating.

The Second City's lone salvation of late has been the Blackhawks.

In recent times, that brought civic pride and joy in 2010 and 2013. And in seasons when the Blackhawks didn't hoist the hardware, they were in the mix.

It's no secret that their turnaround began when Jeff Toews and Patrick Kane were drafted. They've been the club's mainstays ever since.

But now, for the first time, one of them will be forced into an extended absence. It's due to this cross-check by Florida Panther defenseman Alex Petrović:

That's how a collarbone can snap. As it turns out, 12 weeks' worth of snap.

The Blackhawks would need to reach the Western Conference final for Kane to play again this season. Tall order.

While Kane rests and then rehabs. looks like he'll have time for more voluntary community service as only he can do.

And those blues just keep on playin'.