It's Not Me, It's You: Oilers GM Dumps Coach via Skype

Published on 11-Jun-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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It's Not Me, It's You: Oilers GM Dumps Coach via Skype

Outgoing Edmonton Oilers coach Ralph Krueger thought new GM Craig MacTavish liked him.

Really liked him.

"Craig and I spent a good part of the week together at the world championships in both Helsinki and Stockholm. There were eight or nine days on the road together ..."

"I was just setting up the schedule for the season in my office when the call came."

The worst kind of call. The 'It's not you, it's me' call. The 'I didn't mean for this to happen' call. The 'I've found someone else' call. 

A Skype call, no less.

"When Craig started speaking, he went right to business. He said he made the decision to hire a new head coach. It was a very short exchange after that. It was done. I don't think the whole conversation lasted five minutes."

While Krueger grapples with being suddenly single, the circumstance of a loving, committed NHL coach getting his heart broken is less suprising than a case of Don Cherry suit-induced epilepsy. And the unique method of the break-up has commitment-shy GMs all across the league excited.

Who will be the first to put a pink-slip Vine video together?