Internet > NHL Suits = John Scott Will Play

Published on 19-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Internet > NHL Suits = John Scott Will Play

First, the voters spoke.

And then, they demanded.

And now, they've won.

John Scott, the legitimately elected captain of the Pacific Division All-Stars, will suit up in Nashville and lead his charges forward in pursuit of $1million in beer money.

Damn straight.

Maybe this isn't exactly the fall of the Berlin Wall or the Arab Spring, but it's still a victory for legitimacy.

Actually, given his current status, cashing his share of that cool mil -- $90,909.09 -- might mean more to Scott than anyone else out there. So he'll be taking ‚Äčnothing for granted.

And dude knows this is his only shot at a game like this, at least in this world ...

John Scott was put into this spotlight by the fans. If anyone in this All-Star game is going to go all out in the name of pride, competition, and dosh, it's him.

No one's gonna make that move on John Scott.