Hockey Karma: Lightning Strikes with Pinball Goal

Published on 2-Nov-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Hockey Karma: Lightning Strikes with Pinball Goal

Early season surprises are nothing new in sports, and the NHL has its share this fall.

Patrick Roy's winning ways have rubbed off on his young Colorado Avalanche charges. They've got the best record to date in the NHL Central, with even the Chicago Blackhawks looking up at them. For now, anyway.

The Toronto Maple Leafs may not be offering false hope to their long-suffering fans. They're atop the NHL Atlantic with the potent likes of Detroit's Red Wings and Boston's Bruins nipping at their skates.

As are the Tampa Bay Lightning.

They're 9-4-0 and look every part of deserving it. So it's not a surprise when they make their own breaks, however they get them.

Last night featured one of their more dynamic examples. The question, though, is whether rare-scoring defenseman Victor Hedman is the second coming of Willie Mosconi or the luckiest shooter of the month:

The Lightning have speed, skill, and size this season. If they can remember to consistently add defense into the mix this season, they'll show the fans who pack their arena a good time all the way into April.

And possibly beyond.