FanDuel's Friday Hockey: A $15,000 One-Night Stand

Published on 14-Nov-2014 by The Dudes

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FanDuel's Friday Hockey: A $15,000 One-Night Stand

Somewhere amongst the stale Cheetos between your couch cushions is enough change to cover a $2 entry fee.

And if you're into tonight's NHL schedule, that fee could balloon to a $1400 first-place prize.

Paid out immediately.

So win a bit of dosh tonight, and buy a fresh bag of Cheetos tomorrow. After you've bought a few rounds for whomever you feel like sharing in your success.

That's the joy of FanDuel, the top short-term sports fantasy league out there.

You'll find your $1500 Friday Night NHL Breakaway entry form right here, so check tonight's schedule and have at it:

NHL Schedule for Fri 14 Nov

For every five entrants, one will receive some sort of payout. Why not you? Why not tonight? It's the perfect way to start and invoved sports weekend!