Winslow Suspended Four Games for PED Use

Published on 11-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Winslow Suspended Four Games for PED Use

It's never good news to hear a player from your team has been suspended, especially if that team is the New York Jets.

Today, the Jets found out that their leading receiver, Kellen Winslow Jr, has been suspended four games by the NFL for PED use. 

Not great news for a team that has seemingly gotten on a roll as of late with rookie QB Geno Smith. 

Before all of this came out, reports indicated that Winslow was not to happy about his role with the team. However, head coach Rex Ryan didn't seem too concerned about his tight end and hinted at what was about to come when reporters inquired about that subject.

“I think you’d have to ask [Winslow] those type of questions." he responded.

“Guys, we got to look at it this way: We have a really good tight end in Jeff Cumberland. The guy’s a young stud tight end."

Ryan also added that Winslow never approached him to request that he play more.

Frankly, Winslow must have forgotten what team he plays for these days. In all likelihood, neither he nor any other wide receiver will be catching a lot passes, but  I digress.

The Winslow story is just one more thing the Jets didn't need in an already strange and sometimes controversial season. 

But we're talking about Kellen Winslow here, who has had a strange and sometimes controversial career in the NFL, himself. In that respect, he's probably on the right team.

When he's not suspended, that is.