Who Do the Packers Turn to without Rodgers?

Published on 5-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Who Do the Packers Turn to without Rodgers?

Green Bay Packer fans are holding their collective breath until they find out exactly how injured Aaron Rodgers is.

Sources say that Rodgers has a broken collarbone to his left shoulder -- not his throwing shoulder -- but few know the extent of the damage yet. Those who do aren't talking.

Some sources are saying he'll be out for three weeks, and some are saying eight. The real question is who do the Packers turn to in their time of need?

It's obviously not going to be Seneca Wallace. He proved last night he's not the man for the job. What I want to know is, how did he become Rodgers' backup in the first place? Graham Harrell and Vince Young were that bad?

The Packers are probably kicking themselves now for not signing Young, because he probably could have won the game for them last night. How's that for damning with faint praise!

But watch for this name to pop up in the next few days: Matt Flynn. The former Bayou Bengal was just cut by the Buffalo Bills, has played for the Packers before, and backed up Rodgers and he knows the system. How quickly perspectives can change!

The only problem is the Packers seem to be concerned about Flynn's arm, according to NFL sources. 

But if Flynn's arm checks out, don't be surprised to see either him or Vince Young back on the team before this week is out. 

Wonder if Brett Favre will be given a call too? Hey, at this point, it couldn't hurt. Right, cheeseheads?

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