Vegas Takers: Your Hot Mess Special

Published on 19-Mar-2013 by D E Caton

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Vegas Takers: Your Hot Mess Special

The thrill of gambling one’s expendable income is a matter of personal discretion.

In my case, that discretion happens to belong to my wife.

Once I override that safeguard, I'm off to indulge in the luxuries that beckon us all to Vegas. And the clarion call for me originates loudest from the sportsbook.

Even on the best of days, my NFL parlay card needs a buffer. So I take an opportunity during the early free agency period to scrutinize Vegas's odds-on favorite to win the next Super Bowl, just to see if their juice is capable of getting mine flowing.

And right now, with the multitude of moves that have occurred via free agency, I'm starting to see some attractive odds on certain teams. Vegas likes the NFC West -- what with the 49ers already at their pinnacle and Seahawks peaking  -- and it’s justified in doing so. To me, the AFC only has two potential contenders in the Pats and Broncos, neither of whom have the roster to compete with San Francisco or Seattle.  That being said, I just want to get paid by whoever does win it.

My loyalty lies in logic, the team colors of which are green and greener.

The Broncos and Niners are currently on the board with 7:1 odds. That’s a fair deal, but the payout to me wouldn’t be enough to justify the juice. So, which teams give me the incentive to post a crisp C-note or two?

  • I like the Seahawks at 10:1. They’ve acquired a premium pass rusher from Detroit in Avril to an already stout defensive line and upgraded their offense by snagging Percy Harvin.
  • I like the odds on the Bears too, at 25:1. They're the Bears, to begin with, and maybe the change in coaching scenery will snap them back to top form.

However, if you’re going to reach, reach big.  What’s bigger than the mess that fans know as the Cincinnati Bengals organization? Add to it the 35:1 buffer, and I want some of that. I mean, I really want it, like a fat kid wants cake.

The Ravens have decided to re-tool, and that's a crapshoot. Then there's the 'championship hangover' effect; they might even let me start on defense now. The Steelers? For all we know, Ben Roethlisberger will throw you the ball. Cleveland? Let's just say that sustainability isn't only an environvmental concern.

The AFC North should be a walk-over now for the orange-and-black, at least on paper.

But with 35:1 odds, I’ll take that paper.