Trump Interested in Buying the Bills ... Yeah, Right!

Published on 2-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Trump Interested in Buying the Bills ... Yeah, Right!

Buffalo Bills fans, be afraid, be very afraid.

Donald Trump may be interested in buying your team.

The same Donald Trump who ran the USFL into the ground is now thinking about joining an investment group to buy the Bills.

"People have actually talked to me about the Bills," Trump told WBEN radio, via ESPN. "I mean, the group of people called me -- would I be interested in investing, and I'll take a look at it. I mean, I look at a lot of things. I'll take a look at it ...

"... If it were me, I'd keep the team in Buffalo. I think it's something that is really vital to the area ... It would be catastrophic, in my opinion, if Buffalo lost the Buffalo Bills."

Trump should know all about catastrophic. Because of his greediness, he helped destroy the USFL. That upstart operation was doing fairly well as a spring league until Trump decided he wanted to be part of the NFL.

Watch how this serial headline whore does his chameleon act at the beginning and ending of this clip from 2003, apparently not realizing that video is forever:

Trump does some serious denial work when it comes to his failures, too.

Trump's warped vision of trying to take on the NFL in the springtime and spending of players like a drunken sailor spelled doom for the league. Now, the man who made his money the old-fashioned way -- by inheriting it -- has turned his attention to the Bills, which is not a good thing.

Trump spent 'way too much money on players as an owner of the New Jersey Generals and has an ego the size of New York. People think Jerry Jones has a swelled head; well, folks, you aint seen nothing like Trump's. That is, unless you watch that lap dog reality show of his and can get past shaking your head at his comb-over.

So my advice to the Bills current ownership is a straighforward don't do it!

Avoid Trump at all costs, or it may cost you your team down the line.