The Redskins D: Not Scaring Anyone

Published on 16-Sep-2013 by Towner Park

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The Redskins D: Not Scaring Anyone

Washington, you're not scaring anyone, especially defensively.

After two weeks, the usually stout Redskins defense has given up a total of 71 points. 71 points! Considering that with all the uncertanity surrounding Robert Griffin III -- his health and his chemistry with the offense -- was the talk of DC since the end of the season last year, no one expected the Redskin defense to be this horrid over the last two weeks.

They can't tackle.

They can't cover.

They simply can't play defense.

It's not like they don't have the proper personnel.

  • Brian Orakpo is back with a mission to prove that he's still a solid contributor, what with the ability to provide constant pressure on the opposing quarterback.
  • Ryan Kerrigan is simply a beast on the other side of the defensive line; he manhandles the opposing tackle with relative ease it seems on most occasions and has a tremendous work ethic.
  • The linebacking corps is solid.
  • The secondary, although a little beat up, is young but athletic.
  • Jim Haslett, in my opinion, is one hell of a defensive coordinator; he was able to slow down Philadelphia's Amtrak of an offense in the second half of last week's game after the initial onslaught that Washington faced in the first half.

So what's the problem here? Not enough time to prepare? Bad scheduling?

It could be both factors, but I think it can be simplified by one word: arrogance.

Deangelo Hall is one of the most arrogant defensive backs in the game, and I think this defense is starting to reflect his personality. Yes, they have been unbelievably competitive and stifling over the past several years, but it seems they just started to assume that their continuous dominance will spill over, without any type of proper preparation or cohesion needed to remain effective.

They should be embarrassed. Aaron Rodgers shredded this defense to the tune of 480 yards passing, not to mention four touchdowns. Their run defense, which has been consistently sturdy, is just being outmanned. LeSean McCoy ran all over them last week, and James Starks did the exact same thing yesterday. The Packers' offense hasn't had a balanced attack for some time now, but yesterday, Starks averaged 6.6 yards per carry.

Basically, it's a mess in DC right now. Expectations for a second consecutive NFC East title have now been lowered. If the Redskins can't stop any opposing offenses, how can they put themselves in a favorable position to have an opportunity for a win?

Next up, Detroit. Reggie Bush, Stafford, Pettigrew. Megatron, and Burleson. Five spectacular offensive threats with the capability to produce huge numbers at any moment.

Good luck, Washington. Revert back to the basics. I hear tackling is an effective way to stop a ball carrier nowadays.