The NFL Snore Bowl

Published on 12-Oct-2013 by Towner Park

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The NFL Snore Bowl

Yes, I know, it's not even midseason in the NFL and I'm already discussing the NFL Pro Bowl.

With recent apparel alterations that makes prospective NFL Pro Bowlers look more futuristic, I felt the need to discuss how fruitless and unnecessary these alterations are.

I mean, this is supposed to be a game, not a fashion show!

And you tell me, is Portland-based Nike just tossing out threads that Oregon (green and gold) and Oregon State (orange and black) rightfully rejected?

Pro Bowl uniforms

First and foremost, when addressing the Pro Bowl, the last thing that Nike -- and in particular, the NFL -- should be altering is the apparel. Yes, it may give players a better appearance, but the Pro Bowl will still be played the same. It's boring, non-competitive, and a complete joke, in my opinion. I used to watch the Pro Bowl religiously. Now, I could care less who, among the NFL's 32 teams, makes the roster. Frankly, none of them are going to risk their careers by playing competively in an afterthought event.

Quarterbacks are so protected that even the Spanish Armada couldn't break through the invisible barriers of security. No one, not even defensive players, hit with any impact worth noting. It's now a bland game. There's no other way to say it.

I concocted four ideas to boost the NFL's annual event so that chosen players would actually take the game seriously. I realize there are logistics issues, but there must be some bright light in the league office who can figure a way arount them.

And remember, this year, the Pro Bowl is taking a page from the NHL All-Star game, where two captains will choose sides; in a bit of a twist, they'll be aided by two NFL celebrity veterans serving 'advisors'. The conferences won't be competing.

With that in mind here are my ideas:

  1. Give both players the appearance money they're already guaranteed. Then give 75% of the player pool money the NFL allots to this game to the winning side.
  2. Offer the winning team's players incentives such as all-inclusive family vacations and prizes for their families.

Regardless, it's truly embarrassing how the NFL Pro Bowl is structured now, and it's gradually getting worse year after year. There has to be a fix for an event that was once actually considered watchable.

Commish, step it up and find a tactic that actually works. I truly believe altering player uniforms will not have any positive affect to the game itself.

It's simply a distraction and nothing more.