The New Denver Special Teams Coach Is Kinda Crazy

Published on 14-Feb-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The New Denver Special Teams Coach Is Kinda Crazy

The Denver Broncos recently hired a new special teams coordinator.

While it may not seem particularly newsworthy, the press conference that rolled out this madman turned into quite the rager.

His name is Brock Olivo.

And dude has some very definitive thoughts on a variety of subjects, including of course, football.

Have a listen:

Hmmm. OK, then.

Just try not to make eye contact, and everything will be fine.

As you can see, this dude is very passionate about the game of football.

He's also quite fond of acronyms.

Olivo actually played in the NFL for four seasons with the Detroit Lions but will now be scaring the crap out of everyone as a professional coordinator.

In addition to his motivational banter at the press conference, Olivo also started riffing like it was an open mike night at Giggles.

However, his material seemed to focus almost exclusively on his Italian heritage and a mysterious lasagna dish that his wife may or may not have prepared.

Despite the fact that Olivo may very well be insane, this was quite possibly the most entertaining rollout of a special teams coach in NFL history.

Those group meetings are going to be epic.