The Mother of One of Adrian Peterson's Children Blasts Him for Being a Poor Father

Published on 15-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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The Mother of One of Adrian Peterson's Children Blasts Him for Being a Poor Father

As the days pass, we're now hearing more and more about Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's relationship with his other children. 

There are reports that Peterson had no clue he was the father of the two-year who died until a few months ago and that he didn't even spend time with the child until he was in the hospital.

Now, a former girlfriend of his, who is also the mother of one of his sons, put Peterson on blast. She appeared on an entertainment website, claiming Peterson does a poor job of taking care of his kids.

Here is the letter she sent to the website

My name is Erica. Y'all ran a story on me back in June or July being Adrian Peterson "baby mama" well I'm reaching out to you guys in semi reference to recent events. 

We all have heard about the unfortunate passing of his youngest little boy he was not familiar with. I'm not going to speak on any of that because that's not my business but what I am sick and tired of is the media painting this sob story for HIM that he didn't get a chance to meet his son and poor him. 

When Adrian has 5 other children that are alive and well that he picks and chooses which ones he wants to deal with. Showing favoritism. 

I have his 2nd child 1st boy so I'm not just talking I live it and know his True character. 

This same thing happen in summer 2011 he had 2 children pop up out the wood works that he DID KNOW about but just didn't tell anyone or bring them around until they were OVER A YEAR OLD and they lived in the same city. 

This is not me trying to be messy bc it's not slander if it's true! And it all is! 

He cheats on his "fiancé" has had 4 other children on her and tries to hide them. Why?! U keep f*cking making them! There's 6 babies and 6 baby mamas. If u gonna sprinkle them across the country actually being a dad too is just as important as sending a check! Diddy can do it, Wayne can do it, why can't you?

I'm not saying that what this woman who claims to be an ex of Peterson is right or wrong, but it does seem strange that she would wait until now, when the man is grieving over a child, to call him out. Especially on a website.

If he is that big of jerk to his kids, take the matter up in court and not in the court of public opinion.