The Bill Belichick School of Charm and Friendship

Published on 10-Aug-2013 by Raoul Duke

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The Bill Belichick School of Charm and Friendship

So it seems that former New England and current Denver wide receiver Wes Welker recently had some not-so-happy things to say about his former head coach, Bill Belichick.

It would appear that Welker didn't necessarily enjoy playing for him.

This simply cannot be true.

In fact, it sounds like Welker is suggesting that Bill Belichick may not be the most reasonable human being to be around.

Personally, I find all of this very hard to believe.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Welker indicated that there might possibly be easier things to do than work with Big Bill.

No! I refuse to listen!

More specifically, Welker referenced being chastised by Belichick in front of the team. If you recall last season, it appeared that Belichick, for whatever reason, was allegedly attempting to phase Welker out of the offense. Despite this dubious tactic, Wes still got his, finishing up 2012 with 118 grabs.

Welker was subsequently low-balled by the Patriots, and wound up in Denver, where he seems pretty content. Apparently, he also has permission to speak freely, and is not burdened by the oppressive media policy in New England.

Of course, Bill Belichick does win quite a bit, regardless of what Wes Welker may think or feel. Perhaps this parting is for the best.

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