Still No Love Lost Between Sanchez and Tebow

Published on 2-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Still No Love Lost Between Sanchez and Tebow

It's been a few days since Tim Tebow has been released from the New York Jets, and to no one's surprise, he has yet to be picked up by any other team. 

Tebow is fully aware that his career in the NFL may be over, so it sounds like he is putting it out there through the media that he would be willing to learn behind a veteran quarterback like, say, a Drew Brees in New Orleans.

Jason Cole of Yahoo reported this on his Twitter feed: Tiny bit #Tebow news: he'd like to go where he can sit, learn behind great QB & coach. New Orleans would be perfect, for example.

I've been saying all along Tim Tebow would benefit and possibly become a better quarterback if he could follow an accomplished veteran. As we all well know, Tebow had no such thing in New York learning behind Mark Sanchez.

Most of the time, Sanchez looked lost when he was out there, and Rex Ryan is not exactly known as an offensive-minded coach. Sanchez even said Thur 2 May that it was hard for Tebow and him to form a friendship when they were battling for the same job.

"It's just hard when you're competing like that," he said "You don't get too close to guys like that. You're professional, and you're cool."

Sanchez is not the first person to basically feel or say what he said. The Joe Montana-Steve Young feud is legendary ,and Brett Favre still resents Aaron Rodgers for replacing him in Green Bay.

Since Tebow doesn't look like a threat to take someone's starting job, sitting behind a Drew Brees, a Tony Romo, or a Tom Brady may be the thing that saves his career.

Because right now, he needs a Hail Mary.