Some Bengals Fans Apathetic about Playoffs

Published on 28-Dec-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Some Bengals Fans Apathetic about Playoffs

The battle for your entertainment dollar rages on in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bengals fans are apparently pacing themselves with the purchase of playoff tickets this year.

Perhaps they are simply playing hard to get and would prefer to be courted and wooed by the Bengals organization. Maybe there are more desirable entertainment options available, or maybe these fans just don’t give a damn.

Despite various public relations nightmares such as ongoing concussion-related litigation and efforts to curtail violence, the NFL remains a wildly popular sport. With only a few exceptions, the league has little trouble filling up seats in most cities. When the post-season rolls around, enthusiasm is predictably high.

But in Cincinnati, the AFC North champs are having difficulties selling out a playoff game, as there are over 10,000 tickets still available by some counts. The Bengals are guaranteed at least one home playoff game and can still secure a first-round bye. The home game is critical for this team; the Bengals have yet to lose a game at home this year.

It should be noted that Bengals fans have been turning out this season. They've recorded 10 consecutive sellouts at Paul Brown Stadium, including this week’s game against the Ravens. In addition, there's still time to remedy this situation and sell the remaining tickets. In fact, this will more than likely be the case.

But I ask you, where is the passion? Where is the unbridled enthusiasm we see in other NFL cities? I understand the Bengals franchise has not exactly been a model of consistency over the years, but they do appear to be building a solid foundation for success with a young nucleus of players. The uninitiated in the area should hop on for the ride.

In the meantime, the good people of Cincinnati can enjoy many alternatives to professional football such as a visit to the Krohn Conservatory or the Full Throttle Indoor Karting facility, which promises a premier indoor driving experience.