Secondhand Stand: Josh Gordon Excuse Will Be Used for All the Things

Published on 29-Jul-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Secondhand Stand: Josh Gordon Excuse Will Be Used for All the Things

Josh Gordon is banking on a smokescreen.

In a last-ditch attempt to clear his good name, Gordon's attorneys will posit that the beleaguered receiver's positive test to Davone Bess was caused, not by his own hand, but by the secondhand marijuana mist surrounding.

Indeed, Gordon's legal team intends to introduce witnesses -- ones who aren't baked -- who will testify that they tied Josh down, prised open his mouth with pliers and blew smoke down his gob for several consecutive hours.

While the jury is out on this I'm with Stupid strategy and its ultimate ability to see Gordon pull on the pads in season '14/'15, others in trouble with the long arm of the NFL law are already seizing the opportunity to go 'secondhand'.

Lane Johnson -- first-round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles and punted last week for PEDs use -- has informed The Daily Player that he will be appealing his four-game suspension on the basis of breathing in another person's injected banned substance.

"I was just too close, you know?" said Johnson. "The fumes coming off this dude's needle went up my nose, got into my blood and produced twenty pounds of muscle."

"It could've happened to anybody."

So, you refute your earlier admission that you 'put a prescribed medication in my body to help with a medical issue.'

"That wasn't me. That was ... another dude."

Gordon's hearing is happening Friday. There is no date as yet for Lane Johnson's appeal.