Sanders: Manziel Hated Because of 'Ghetto Tendencies'

Published on 2-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Sanders: Manziel Hated Because of 'Ghetto Tendencies'

Deion Sanders made an interesting comment about Johnny Manziel today on the Tom Joyer Morning Show that will surely raise eyebrows.

Sanders said Manziel is disliked so much because he has "ghetto tendencies."

"I love Johnny Football," Sanders said.

"See, the reason people won’t accept Johnny Football is because Johnny Football has ghetto tendencies. I love Johnny Football."

When pressed by Joyner and others to explain what he meant, Prime Time said this:

"Because he was successful, he made it, and he let you all know he made it, and he was cocky, he was flamboyant, and he let you know."

Yeah, right. Ghetto in his veins. A white kid from a rich family.

Haven't we seen this before to the tune of a star-and-a-half?

Hold up, here. Since when is being arrogant and successful a "ghetto tendency?"

I don't recall Joe Namath being called "ghetto" because he wore fur coats and kept his hair long.

For that matter, Deion wasn't called "ghetto" for his antics, so why place that label on Johnny Manziel?

Ghetto is not a term of endearment, as Sanders might think. In fact, it's an insult.

If someone had called Sanders that back in the day, he'd probably be screaming racism. His high stepping and dancing to the end zone was not exactly loved by opponents or the media. Maybe Deion forgot that.

The difference that Sanders should have pointed out is that Mr Football is able to get away with his "ghetto tendencies" while Prime Time didn't.

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