Rum Chaser: Rookie's Captain Morgan TD Pose Gets Bucs All Pissed

Published on 10-Nov-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Rum Chaser: Rookie's Captain Morgan TD Pose Gets Bucs All Pissed

Tampa Bay's rookie, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, may end up driving head coach Lovie Smith to drink.

In Sunday's donnybrook against Atlanta, at a critical juncture in the contest, the Buccaneers' talented tight end decided to go all Captain Morgan on a touchdown celebration, costing his team fifteen yards on the ensuing restart.

After the Falcons capitalized on the goof by marching down the field and sealing victory, Seferian-Jenkins further exercised his exceptional judgement by posting the little rum chaser post-game on Instagram.

Lovie Smith reacted like Mike Ditka at a Lincoln commercial shoot.

"I confronted him ... You know, with rookies, you want to have those teaching moments before something happens out there. We go over the rules, of course, you can't use a prop after a touchdown. But when you do it in that situation, it's just not good."

Seferian-Jenkins, who may have believed it was a sure-fire tactic to gain a Captain Morgan endorsement deal, now understands the consequences of his actions.

"Can't have it. Need to be more mature. But when you're in the heat of the game, you're just having fun. You're enjoying it. You work so hard and you just do something fun."

"And, I was totally blitzed on Captain Morgan's finest original spiced rum."

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