Royals Fans Aim to Buck Joe

Published on 18-Oct-2015 by CJ

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Royals Fans Aim to Buck Joe

Joe Buck is quite possibly the most highly criticized announcer in sports.

At least, nowadays.

He's yet to match the late Howard Cosell in being voted the most and least popular sportscaster in the same year.

No matter if it's football, baseball, or even golf, fans are not fond of Joe Buck.

The monotone man has been a staple of Fox’s baseball broadcasts for almost two decades; however, one Kansas City Royals fan has set his sights on getting Buck removed from the ALCS broadcast.

The online petition asks Fox to choose a “less biased” announcer with “better knowledge of the game” than Buck.

Now, there are many things of which Buck can be criticized, with one example being his inability to add any sort of influx in his voice when something amazing happens:

But to claim that a man with a career as long as Buck’s doesn't have a great knowledge of the game undercuts the cred of the accuser.

Shallow topics like this, though, do serve as a populist magnet. To date, the petition has gained 12,087 signatures.

Buck's being a good sport about the whole thing, even going as far as to retweet the original petition and ask fans to do the same.

Obviously, this petition drive had all the legs of a snake, but you've gotta give those Buck haters credit.

They stuck up for a cause they believe in.

Even if that meant trying to get an established announcer fired for ridiculous reasons.