Romo Injured Again; What Else Is New?

Published on 29-Aug-2016 by Swami Brown

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Romo Injured Again; What Else Is New?

You know how it is when you order something that's breakable, it comes through the mail in a box labeled Fragile! Handle with care?

Maybe that's what the Dallas Cowboys should think about printing on the back of Tony Romo's jersey.

Then again, that'd only make pass rushers even more motivated.

Seattle's Cliff Avril's focus was on doing his job, and as a result, Romo suffered yet another serious injury, this time in pre-season play.

After compiling an injury history about a mile long, one would think the smart thing to do would be to let Romo sit out the pre-season to save his health for when the games matter. Right?


What went ka-raack this time was a bone in his back. Optimists figure that'll sideline him until about mid-season.

Injuries happen at any time in this game, but one can still wonder why the 'Boys would decide to roll out Jerry Jones' favorite chucker after a season that saw him go down not once, but twice with the same injury.

If you asked the former Eastern Illinois Panther, he'd surely claim a desire to participate in any pre-season game. Give Romo credit, dude's tough, no doubt

Romo's ER list includes:

Hell, if he had a pet partridge in a pear tree, it'd probably be in there with him.

Not to mention, dude's had to deal with the criticism and scrutiny of being the quarterback of America's Team.

And remember Jessica Simpson?

When healthy, Romo's capable of elite-level play and has led Dallas to four post-season appearances. 

Unfortunately, the good has been outweighed by the bad, as he's completed all 16 games in just four of his nine seasons as Dallas' starting QB.

It's not completely the guy's fault though.

Even with one of the best offensive lines in football, dude's taken some hard hits over the years.


And ...

Face it. Quarterbacks should just have targets instead of numbers on their jerseys.

‚ÄĚdeerRomo has displayed his ability to be a leader on the field and his presence will most definitely be missed...again.

But with the way his body is handling injury and how But maybe a new era is about to embark in the Big D.

With last year's backup Kellen Moore already starting an injury list of his own, former Mississippi State Bulldog Dak Prescott has made the most of his opportunity.

The way he's performed in the pre-season, many in Cowboy Nation think the latest Romo ding is a blessing in disguise, both for his long-term future as well as the team's.

At his advanced age, maybe it's time for him to do a George Blanda and become a punter or kicker.

Word is they see a lot less contact than the other postions on the field.

Or not.

At least there are plenty of jobs available for a dude like Romo.